CHEMCAD and Chemstations enjoy a long history, with the origins of CHEMCAD dating back over 40 years.

Nathan Massey, Chemstations' president and CEO, and Dr. Mingder Lu, senior vice president, CTO, and lead CHEMCAD developer, started Chemstations in 1988. To build their leadership team, they sought out similarly-minded people and communicated to them the Chemstations vision.

Mr. Massey comes from true entrepreneurial stock and devoted 100 percent of his efforts to growing the business. In the early days of CHEMCAD, he tirelessly traveled the globe extolling the benefits of the software and personally closing many of the company's initial sales. His vision for the company formed the foundation of the spirit that continues to guide Chemstations today.

Dr. Lu has dedicated most of his career to the nurturing and guidance of CHEMCAD development. His vast technical expertise and programming skills have continually helped to overcome the toughest technical challenges in chemical process simulation.

1968: The origin from which CHEMCAD was built--CHESS (Chemical Engineering Simulation System)--is developed by Dr. Rudy Motard and Dr. Ernest Henley at the University of Houston with a grant from the U.S. Navy.

1983: CHESS is ported to the PC and becomes MicroCHESS.

1985: MicroCHESS is renamed CHEMCAD.

1988: Chemstations is formed and purchases the rights to CHEMCAD. Dr. Mingder Lu becomes Chemstations' lead CHEMCAD developer.

1989: CHEMCAD II is released with a new calculation engine.

1993: CHEMCAD III is released with the first fully-integrated GUI and complete rewrite in "C" language.

1997: CHEMCAD IV is released as a Windows-compatible version.

2000: CHEMCAD 5.0 is released with complete rewrite in Visual C++ with Microsoft-compatible tools.

2007: CHEMCAD 6.0 is released with GUI overhaul based on customer/user goal-directed design.

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