CHEMCAD is an integrated suite of intuitive chemical process engineering software. It has the power and tremendous range of capabilities to meet an engineer's chemical process simulation needs, from day-to-day challenges to large, multifaceted projects.


CHEMCAD is scalable and allows users to purchase only the features they need for a specific industry and process, enabling them to create their own customized version. Each module in the suite can be purchased separately and all modules work together within the same interface, resulting in maximum flexibility and affordability.

Features include:

  • User-customizable panes
  • CHEMCAD Explorer pane to make navigating simulations easy
  • Workspace to create and work with process flow diagrams (PFDs)
  • Palette pane for easy drag and drop of unit operations, text, and symbols
  • Message pane makes it easy to see diagnostics as you work with a simulation
  • Toolbar makes common tasks easy to access

Day-to-Day Engineering Tasks

CHEMCAD helps solve basic calculations and complete daily tasks faster, increasing productivity

Equipment sizing:
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vessels
  • Piping/valves - pressure drop/line sizing
  • Also available for pumps, safety relief devices, and column trays and packing

Thermophysical property calculations:
  • Bubble/dew points
  • Component family analyses
  • Data regression
    • Pure components
    • Binary interaction parameters

Small Projects

CHEMCAD streamlines processes used in smaller projects to improve work flow

Troubleshooting/process improvement:
  • Equipment design
    • Distillation with mass transfer calculation
    • Relief system design/rating with DIERS
  • Reporting
    • Equipment/process costing
    • Process safety analyses
    • Regulatory compliance reports
    • Heat and material balance reporting
  • Model potential customer systems in order to sell equipment and/or processes

Large Projects

More extensive projects with several team members are made more efficient by CHEMCAD's integrated modules and intuitive interface.
  • Process development.
    • Fitting reaction kinetics from experimental data.
    • Direct lab experiments and pilot plant runs.
    • Scale up from lab to pilot and pilot to production
  • Dynamic simulations.
    • Control system design/checkout.
    • Safety analyses
  • Process intensification studies.
  • Energy efficiency/optimization.
  • Data reconciliation.
  • Process economics

Integrated Solutions

More extensive projects with several team members are made more efficient by CHEMCAD's integrated modules and intuitive interface.

CHEMCAD can be used as a pivotal player in very large, ongoing projects, working seamlessly with other software programs.
  • Integrated solutions.
    • Process/plant performance monitoring.
    • Model predictive control.
    • Real-time optimizations.
    • CHEMCAD as the engine for other applications
  • Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications.
  • Excel "wrappers" for simulations.
  • Operator training systems


Chemical process simulation software that includes libraries of chemical components, thermodynamic methods, and unit operations to allow steady-state simulation of continuous chemical processes from lab scale to full scale.

Ideal for: Users who want to design processes, or rate existing processes, in steady state.


Process simulation software that takes steady-state simulations to the next level of fidelity to allow dynamic analysis of flowsheets. The possibilities are endless: operability check-out, PID loop tuning, operator training, even online process control and soft sensor functionality.

Ideal for: Users who want to design or rate dynamic processes.


Heat exchanger design and rating software available as an add-on or standalone program. CC-THERM makes use of multiple international standards for design and materials to make sizing a heat exchanger faster and more accurate. The program covers shell-and-tube, plate-and-frame, air-cooled, and double-pipe exchangers. Rigorous designs are based on CHEMCAD's foundation of physical property and phase equilibria data.

Ideal for: Users who want to design or vet a design by a vendor of a heat exchanger (single unit at a time), and those who want to rate existing exchangers in new service or perform "what if" calculations.


Piping and safety relief network simulation software that allows rigorous analysis of any piping network. CC-SAFETY NET combines the latest in two-phase relief device calculation, rigorous pressure drop calculation, rigorous physical property calculation, and rigorous phase equilibrium calculation to deliver fast, accurate answers.

Ideal for: Users who need to design or rate piping networks or safety relief devices/systems.


Physical properties and phase equilibria calculation software that is a subset of the CHEMCAD suite (all of the CHEMCAD suite products include CC-FLASH capabilities). This program allows rigorous calculation of physical properties and phase equilibria (VLE, LLE, VLLE) for pure components and mixtures.

Ideal for: Users who need physical property and phase equilibrium data, as well as users who need property prediction and regression.


Batch distillation simulation software that, when used as an add-on or standalone program, makes batch distillation simulation and design easy with intuitive, operation step-based input. CC-BATCH is extremely flexible, with many operating modes and the capability to model any number of operating steps and conditions. CC-BATCH optimizes batch operation, minimizes intermediate "slop" cuts, and increases productivity.

Ideal for: Users who want to design or rate a batch distillation column.

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