Feedback from our users is what inspires us to keep making CHEMCAD better. Many features, like this one, were added to the software as a direct response to user need. That’s why we consider every CHEMCAD user part of our development team.

For a significant set of chemical processes, solid phase material is used, formed, or otherwise processed, and a number of our customers requested that CHEMCAD calculate phase equilibrium in Solid-Liquid, Solid-Liquid-Vapor, and Solid-Vapor systems. Our users required a predictive system, since, in many cases, data wasn’t immediately available, but they also needed a system which could be refined with laboratory/process data.

In order to properly implement this feature, we first added Heat of Fusion to the list of properties for chemical components and next modified both the activity models and equations of state to predict Solid-Liquid equilibrium (SLE). Users with empirical/laboratory solubility data could regress binary interaction parameters (BIPs) to fit their systems. We updated our plotting functions to graphically display SLE.

After review and usage by our customers, we received feedback that an extension to allow Vapor-Solid and Vapor-Liquid-Solid equilibrium. We responded and now have the full range of phase equilibrium built into CHEMCAD.

The models are now in use around the world and are available in all of the CHEMCAD Suite products (CC-STEADY STATE, CC-DYNAMICS, CC-THERM, CC-BATCH, CC-SAFETY NET, and CC-FLASH). These modifications are extensions of the methodology which can be found in most any advanced thermodynamics text. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

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