Feedback from our users is what inspires us to keep making CHEMCAD better. Many features, like this one, were added to the software as a direct response to user need. That’s why we consider every CHEMCAD user part of our development team.

The vast majority of our users are comfortable building and using spreadsheets for a variety of engineering and economic calculation needs. The spreadsheets they build are natural complements to the work done in CHEMCAD™, so we responded to this by ensuring that CHEMCAD simulations can link directly to the work they do in Microsoft® Excel™.

The nature of that link depends on the application:

  1. Drive a CHEMCAD simulation from Excel: With very little effort, an engineer can create a spreadsheet that sends values into CHEMCAD, executes a steady-state or dynamic simulation, and retrieves values from CHEMCAD. In this case, Excel can become a replacement GUI for a simulation, vastly limiting the settings overhead for a user of the simulation tool.
  2. Use Excel as a custom calculation tool: CHEMCAD can use a spreadsheet as a custom UnitOp (for example, a custom membrane UnitOp). In addition, with CHEMCAD’s DataMap feature, an engineer can define the links between CHEMCAD variables and cells in a spreadsheet. This combined with rules to define directionality and timing of the data exchange provide for the ultimate in customization and flexibility of calculation.
  3. Send CHEMCAD reports directly to Excel: Any or all of the simulation reports and chart data can be directly exported to a spreadsheet for presentation cleanup or further analysis.
  4. Use a range of data in an Excel spreadsheet to add a databox on a simulation flowsheet: Combined with DataMap, this becomes a live view of custom calculated data.
  5. Use Excel as a “bridge” between multiple software tools: With Excel’s data handling capabilities, it makes a natural repository for multiple engineering analysis tools to share information.

-Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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