Houston, TX (April 1, 2006) - Chemstations, Inc. today announces the availability of an OPC Server function within the CHEMCAD software package.

It's here: true OPC data exchange with CHEMCAD simulations!

CHEMCAD is currently being tested for compliance to the OPC DA standards 2.05a and 3.0, and when testing is complete we will mark CHEMCAD as OPC certified. Using this interface, any OPC client can gain access to stream and unit operation data and issue run commands (dynamic and steady state) in any CHEMCAD simulation.

OPC Server for CHEMCAD Released


Some of the potential applications:

Plant Perfomance Monitoring

  • Monitor specific unit performance (heat exchanger fouling, distillation column efficiency, etc)
  • Display performance directly to operation staff on any HMI/SCADA display
  • Inferential / Soft sensor: have values calculated in CHEMCAD (that are difficult, expensive, or impossible to directly measure in the plant) displayed for operation staff (stream compositions, fouling factors, etc)
  • Open or closed loop operation: use any PLC/DCS control loop interact directly with CHEMCAD variables

Real Time Optimization (RTO)

  • Use CHEMCAD's internal optimizer or any proprietary/third party optimizer to improve plant performance based on results of CHEMCAD simulations
  • Open or closed loop operation

Operator Training Systems (OTS)

  • Build CHEMCAD simulations which interact with any 3rd party HMI/SCADA/OTS interface as a rigorous, first principles-based simulated plant
  • Train on generic models or build CHEMCAD simulations that mimic your actual processes

End users can build your own systems or contact us for a list of system integrators / partners to help with your needs.

If you want to offer solutions as a partner/OEM, please contact Chemstations for more details. CHEMCAD can be completely hidden from the end user using OPC; because it's based on DCOM, CHEMCAD can run on the same machine as an interface or on any machine with networked access. This gives OEM partners the ultimate in flexibility to offer unique and BRANDED solutions that fit your customers' needs.

A more detailed explanation of the OPC capabilites and features is here (PDF 65.5k).


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