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We created CHEMCAD to empower the role of chemical engineers across industry. To enhance their design, analysis, and testing capabilities so they can drive productivity throughout their organizations. With flexible pricing options, we have a solution to fit every need.

CHEMCAD enables you to meet the ever-expanding needs of the chemical engineering profession, reflecting the deeply intuitive and flexible design of our process simulation software.

And our outstanding technical support engineers make your CHEMCAD experience all the more seamless. They're committed to helping you maximize the benefits of software simulation for projects large and small.

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Industries Using CHEMCAD

Flexible and affordable, CHEMCAD is the scalable solution that supports multiple applications - from research and development to process design, operations and education. Our chemical process simulation software has established itself as an important insight and productivity tool in multiple industries, including but not limited to:

  • Bio processing
  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainability
  • Education
  • Equipment manufacturing

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What people are saying about CHEMCAD

“As a result of the CHEMCAD simulation . . . we increased the capacity (of Udex, Sulfolane, & NMP processes) by 30-50% with a total investment of $1-1.5M.”

— Zvi MerchavPrincipal, Merchav Engineering

“The one completed new plant is operating successfully. Because of the simulation model, it employs two columns in a distillation train that uses three in an older facility. This led to a capital cost savings of $250,000 for a single project.”

— Tony Nocera, Great Lakes Chemicals (now Chemtura)

“With CHEMCAD, it is unbelievable that I can accomplish in a day what used to take two or three weeks . . . Increasing capacity is the most important part of this project. By removing the stripper bottleneck, the combined annual steam and electrical savings are $320,000/year.”

— Terry FunkhauserTexas Petrochemicals

“With a single CHEMCAD model using CC-THERM fouling factor calculations, utility costs were reduced 10% ($12,000/mo).”

Firestone Polymers

“A pipe fouling issue had plagued the feed to a particular distillation . . . it was decided to look at a simulation of the column on CHEMCAD . . . As a result, $120,000/year of steam was saved.”

— Senior Principal EngineerPerformance Chemicals Co.

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