Bio Processing

Harness the opportunities of rigorous process simulation with CHEMCAD to solve key challenges involving bio-based materials.

CHEMCAD for Bio Processing

Whether you're a plant, process, or design engineer, CHEMCAD's simulation capabilities can help you create, test, and preview different scenarios. Draw insights from various levels of model fidelity to address use cases such as facility design and operation, process optimization, facility expansion/retrofits, and feasibility studies for new processes. Industry applications for CHEMCAD include:

  • Fuel-based ethanol production
  • Food-grade ethanol production
  • Biodiesel production
  • Food and nutritional additives
Corn field representing the Bio Processing industry


  • Easily create/model non-standard components
  • Alternate from a design case to a rating case
  • Seamlessly scale up from lab to bench to plant
  • Develop professional and insightful reports


  • User-added component creation
  • Azeotrope calculation
  • Wide range of unit operations
  • Built-in and customizable icon options
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“A pipe fouling issue had plagued the feed to a particular distillation…it was decided to look at a simulation of the column on CHEMCAD…As a result, $120,000/year of steam was saved.”

— Senior Principal Engineer, Performance Chemicals Co.

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