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Ignite the spark of productivity in utility and power companies with CHEMCAD's integrated suite of process simulation software.

Powering with CHEMCAD

Process, design, and mechanical engineers in the utility and power industry use CHEMCAD to create new systems, troubleshoot existing ones, and optimize a range of processes. Industrial applications for CHEMCAD include:

  • NGL transportation and storage
  • Natural gas power generation
  • Nuclear fuel creation/power generation
  • Co-gen units
  • Cooling water systems
  • Plant cooling water/steam balance
  • Water treatment
Utility and power facilities


  • Easily update previously created simulations of modeled plants
  • Effortlessly create new scenarios of small and large operations
  • Set criteria and goals and let the software adjust automatically
  • Incorporate hydraulic balance for utility loops


  • Steam tables for accurate water calculation
  • Controllers and sensitivity studies for meeting project goals
  • Electrolyte calculations for water chemistry
  • Gibbs reactor for combustion to produce heat and create steam
  • Nodes/pipes for hydraulic balance
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“With a single CHEMCAD model using CC-THERM fouling factor calculations, utility costs were reduced 10% ($12,000/mo).”

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