CHEMCAD 6.1 Press Release

HOUSTON, TX (July 17, 2008) - Chemstations, Inc., makers of the CHEMCAD suite of chemical process simulation software, today announced the release of CHEMCAD 6.1.

This release represents the first evolutionary step for the ground-breaking CHEMCAD 6 process simulation tools. With this release, we are shifting to a schedule of annual summer releases, based on customer feedback.

After 20 years in business, Chemstations has a long history of addressing and overcoming the challenges of the chemical process industry. With an eye to the future, the company continues to push the existing boundaries in process simulation.

Highlights of the new CHEMCAD release include the following:

  • Solid-liquid equilibrium, based on Gibbs energy minimization for eutectic solids, has been incorporated into CHEMCAD's library of thermodynamic models.
  • The CHEMCAD online help has been greatly expanded and updated from the version that was released with CHEMCAD 6.0.
  • A new integrated text viewer displays reports within the CHEMCAD workspace instead of opening a separate WordPad window.
  • CC-THERM can now calculate non-equilibrium, vent condensers, also known as knockback condensers.
  • CHEMCAD now has the capability to calculate vapor-liquid equilibrium for formaldehyde-methanol-water systems, based on the Maurer model.
  • The CHEMCAD licensing system has been further automated and simplified, for greater flexibility and ease of use.
  • Improved charting features include the ability to rename chart tabs, save charts as part of a simulation, access saved charts from the CHEMCAD Explorer, and save charts as free-standing .GPH files.
  • The expanded CHEMCAD Explorer now provides access to saved charts, as well as to all Sensitivity Study functionality.


About Chemstations, Inc.

Chemstations, Inc. is a worldwide leader in process simulation software, supplying the process industries and associated fields. Chemstations offers the CHEMCAD suite, several individually licensed and tightly integrated technologies, to increase the productivity and profitability of the chemical engineer's tasks. CHEMCAD is actively used by more than 800 organizations around the world. For more information, see our web site,, or call 800-CHEMCAD (243-6223)


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