WESTFIELD, NJ (November 15, 2005) - Chemstations, Inc. and Mitchell Scientific, Inc. today announce the availability of a link between their CHEMCAD and Emission Master software packages.

This data link enables the use of CHEMCAD's rigorous thermodynamic property calculations in vent models, extending the base set of vapor pressure data available in Emission Master. CHEMCAD customers who have developed unique chemical components, binary interaction parameters, and/or proprietary vapor-liquid equilibrium models can now extend this data to their calculation of Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) vent emissions.

"We are very pleased to offer links to other process engineering software programs such as CHEMCAD. In many cases, the user already has a significant investment in established thermodynamic computer models that are beyond the scope of our own Emission Master software. Connecting to CHEMCAD make sense because it enables the user to maintain a high degree of consistency between his or her basic plant model and point source emissions data." says Allen Hatfield, president of Mitchell Scientific, Inc.

"We have found our customers are very interested in extending their existing work in disparate, yet complementary, software packages such as Emission Master and CHEMCAD. We are interested in promoting such links to help reduce or remove any tedious data transfer, and we hope that our customers continue to point out areas where we can increase their productivity," says Nathan Massey, president of Chemstations, Inc.

The link between the two software packages is currently in use at selected customer sites, and is available directly from Mitchell Scientific.


About Mitchell Scientific

Since 1991, Mitchell Scientific has been a leading developer of environmental software for batch and semi continuous process modeling. Its advanced calculation platforms help leading companies to efficiently determine point source air emissions and manage emission inventories in support of Title V, Pharmaceutical MACT, and Miscellaneous Organic Chemicals NESHAP (MON) regulations. For information visit, or call 908-654-9788.


About Chemstations, Inc.

Chemstations, Inc. is a worldwide leader in process simulation software, supplying the process industries and associated fields. Chemstations offers the CHEMCAD Suite, several individually licensed and tightly integrated technologies, to increase the productivity and profitability of the chemical engineer's tasks. CHEMCAD is actively used by more than 800 organizations around the world. For more information, see our website,, or call 800-CHEMCAD (243-6223).


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